What Does An NLP Coach Do?

Before you understand what does an NLP coach do, you need to understand that what NLP is and how does it play its role in the coaching. NLP stands for the Neuro Linguistic Programming which refers to the language of the mind, in simpler terms, it is understanding of the programming of the mind. The modern trend is the NLP coaching training courses which are different from the traditional courses for the life coaching.

What is the NLP coach?

Although the goal of the NLP coach is same as the life coach and that is to help the people overcome the anxieties and stress of every day and to become a better version of themselves every passing day. The NLP approaches of achieving this task is however, different. These people identify the problems that are acting as the roadblocks in people’s life and are stopping them from reaching the goals in their life.

How it is different from the life coaching?

Human mind is very complex and the fact that each mind thinks different from the other makes it even more complex. In most of the cases, the identification of the roadblocks is very difficult since the person for whom it is been done does not know the problems themselves. These problems usually reside in the subconscious of the person and it is the task of the professional NLP coach to bring these to light. The life coaching approaches have its limits. Life coaching in Melbourne approaches and rules work to build something in someone that is not there but, in some cases, this is not possible. For instance, if someone is reluctant to talk about the increment in the salary then it is probably because of low confidence or self esteem and the life coaching cannot develop this in some person but the reasons due to which the person has low confidence or self esteem could be resolved by the use of the NLP. This aims to resolve these reasons which would then give the person enough physical and mental clarity and relief that the person would automatically feel the confidence to move in the desired direction because the reasons holding him back are no longer there.

How much the NLP coaches earn?

Because the NLP coaches use the approaches which exceed the limits of the life coaching, it is obvious that their work requires more effort and this is the primary reason why their salaries are more than the life coaches. They charge the clients according to the hour and the rate could be between 75 dollars to more depending on the level of their training and experience.