Must Have Home Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-theft gadgets of all forms and shapes are pretty popular nowadays to the sad fact that thefts are increasing at an exponential rate across the world. While they all provide some degree of protection, not each and every one of them is worth your money. It is, therefore, a good idea to understand what you actually need and what gadgets you can easily do without.To help you decide, compiled below is a list of the most useful anti-theft devices we recommend you purchase, as long as you have enough purchasing power to do so:

Strong Door Locks – The best way to prevent break-ins at unexpected moments in the night is to take measures against people doing so. You can do this by replacing your old door locks with new, strengthened models that are much more difficult to open. Consider investing more to purchase a multi-point locking system with a complex bolt lock mechanism.

Monitoring Devices – Most of the commercial monitoring devices are expensive to purchase but are very effective at doing their job. They can easily keep track of the people who enter and leave a specific room or area of your home and helps you track down a suspect if a burglary actually happens. There are also smaller, portable monitoring devices that are slightly cheaper to purchase for those low on cash.

Safe Storage Options – A large storage box with secured locks or a safe are good ideas to store your valuables. Larger ones are difficult to carry due to their weight, and thieves will not bother touching them if they have some clever inbuilt locking mechanism.

Home Alarm System – An alarm system can quickly detect the presence of an intruder and alert any person nearby about the occurrence of a break in, even in the middle of the night. Remember to hide the wiring systems, or the thieves might attempt to cut the wires to completely disable the alarm system before it has a chance to activate.

Automation System – An automation system can be quite useful when you will be away from your home for a long period of time. An automated home will turn on random electrical devices at specific times of the day, to try and fake the presence of people inside your home even though nobody is actually inside. A good thief deterrent for sure.

Immobilisers for Your Vehicles – Even your precious vehicles are at the mercy of thieves if you fail to install proper countermeasure to protect them. The best anti-theft gadgets for your vehicle are actually any kind of mechanical immobilisers you can get, including locks to clamp down the steering wheel, accelerator or even the tyres. Coupled with an electrical immobiliser that comes standard with most car models produced nowadays, you can expect your vehicle to be relative safe.

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